Twin Lego Clone Birthday

I'm the last person to know anything Star Wars related but yet I couldn't pass up the chance to make two young brothers happy with a Star Wars Lego cupcake party. 

One of the boys likes Commander Fox and the other likes Captain Rex. [A little research showed me that they are some sort of clones.] I used the Lego version of these characters and added a few other elements to create the cupcake topper designs.

I made 50 of these little guys.

I used a template to cut out the clone and lego heads. I accented them with fondant and edible markers. I borrowed a cookie cutter from a friend to cut out the Stormtroopers and flooded the indentations with watered down black food coloring.

The vanilla cupcakes were baked in primary colored foil liners and frosted with vanilla buttercream.

I wanted to top the cupcake tower with a small cake that the boys could cut up/smash/share or do whatever with so I designed a two-faced clone cake with a lego board topper to hold each of the boys names and their celebratory age.

 Commander Fox was on one side and Captain Rex on the other. [Please don't ask me which is which.]

Having two very excited birthday boys is certainly doubly rewarding!