Baby Shower Cupcake Favor Boxes

I've been trying to go through my photo archives and post all the previous treats I have made so that I can eventually get to real-time postings. Luckily I have a pretty organized system for saving photo folders on my external hard drive and I keep every e-mail sent to me… ever… [be careful what you say to me in e-mail, I will have it for eternity oooor at least until the end of Internet access]. Even still, I had a hard time locating any information on these baby shower cupcake favors. I searched through my Sugar Butter Baby Gmail, twice, no luck finding monkey baby boy shower cupcakes. I searched my personal Gmail, then Yahoo!, then checked my Facebook messages… nope, not there either. Then it clicked and I searched Outlook. Bingo! I made these for a co-worker's friend. That's why I don't know who Roy and Cinthia are. Ahhhhh… this is all starting to come together! 

Whew, this is so much work trying to dig up information about things I baked over a year ago. Meanwhile, I am going to soon forget the details of the things I made most recently. I can't seem to win…

Anyway, these individually boxed cupcake favors were based of the Monkey Girl Baby Shower ones I had made previously HERE. Since the party was for a baby boy, it was suggested to use brown, blue and green instead of pink. I started with the fondant flower blossoms in blue and green since I didn't think brown would make a sweet looking flower.

I baked about 30 yummy vanilla cupcakes. Don't they look so plump and puffy?

I swirled on some blue and white vanilla buttercream using the Wilton 1M decorating tip [my fave].

I put the blue fondant blossoms on the white frosted cupcakes and the green fondant blossoms on the blue cupcakes.

The cupcakes nestled perfectly into some scalloped wrappers. The cream colored ones were slightly pearlescent and the green ones reversed to blue with baby items printed on them.

At this point they were all ready to be boxed in some clear acetate tuck-top boxes and sealed with printed polka dot grosgrain ribbon. I used a big hole punch to cut out the monkey stickers and attached them to the top of the boxes.

The clear boxes are great because they make it very easy to stack and transport the cupcakes, especially when you have to bring them to work by public transportation!

I'm not sure if I heard any feedback from these cupcake favors but at this point I don't remember a whole bunch. Let's just hope they were enjoyed by all.


Rainbow Leopard Surprise Cake

This cake was made as a surprise for a co-worker so we could celebrate her engagement and birthday all-in-one at the office. She loves bright accessories and animal print - so I tried to incorporate those themes in the bottom portion of the cake by marbling some colors together to cover the bottom tier and using edible ink marker to draw on some hearts and a little bit of an animal pattern.

The top tier was designed to be more like a ring box for her engagement celebration. I quilted the top of the "box" and wrapped it in purple fondant. Of course she's not any regular gal, she gets pink diamond bling in her fondant ring!

This cake was made in a pinch and I'd say it got the job done! Congrats and Happy Birthday!

Ladies and Daisies Cupcake Tower

I don't have a whole lot to say in this post [mainly because I made it 2 years ago and my brain doesn't hold information for that long] but it's too cute not to share.
I made a ladybug cupcake tower for a cutie-patootie's 5th birthday at a "My Gym" party in Connecticut.

2 dozen of the cupcakes had ladybug fondant toppers.

I used store-bought candy googly eyes to decorate the ladybug heads and baked the vanilla cupcakes in red foil liners.

I employed my mom to help make and shape some pretty fondant blossoms. With a little instruction she did wonderfully and was super helpful! [She also helped attach the ladybug eyes to the toppers which is why some of them have crazy eyes, she thought they were cute - they are]

The other 2 dozen cupcakes were topped with simple icing swirls and the daisy-like fondant flower.

A "ladybug hiding in the grass" tower topper was made using a 6" round layer and one half of the Wilton Sports Ball Pan Set. I covered the half sports ball "ladybug" portion in red fondant first and placed it on the iced 6" round cake layer before wrapping it in green fondant "grass."

The tower was assembled at the party. I used a white Styrofoam cupcake tower wrapped in red & white ribbon. I also used some shaped wire and black fondant spheres to make the ladybug's antennae.

The cupcakes fit perfectly on the bottom two layers.

 I left just in time for the kids to get all sugared up and run around the gym.
[I guess I had more to say about this than I originally thought...]


All In! Poker Cake

A good friend from my college sorority wanted something to celebrate the birthday of her [then] boyfriend [now very-soon-to-be-married fiancé]. He was a big fan of my Guinness Cake but is not a big Guinness drinker so she requested a small poker cake instead.

I believe it was a chocolate 10" round double layer cake but I am certain that I covered it in Satin Ice chocolate fondant. I only remember that part because it was my first time working with flavored fondant and it was so delicious! Just like a big ole tootsie roll! [Of course I had to have a taste]

I made the poker "table" [the green part] a few days in advance and placed it on the freshly iced cake. The poker chips and cards were hand cut from fondant and I used edible ink markers to fill in the denominations and the card suits.

The happy couple were certainly "all in" as they celebrated with close friends and family.
I can't wait to share all their future celebrations!