Ladies and Daisies Cupcake Tower

I don't have a whole lot to say in this post [mainly because I made it 2 years ago and my brain doesn't hold information for that long] but it's too cute not to share.
I made a ladybug cupcake tower for a cutie-patootie's 5th birthday at a "My Gym" party in Connecticut.

2 dozen of the cupcakes had ladybug fondant toppers.

I used store-bought candy googly eyes to decorate the ladybug heads and baked the vanilla cupcakes in red foil liners.

I employed my mom to help make and shape some pretty fondant blossoms. With a little instruction she did wonderfully and was super helpful! [She also helped attach the ladybug eyes to the toppers which is why some of them have crazy eyes, she thought they were cute - they are]

The other 2 dozen cupcakes were topped with simple icing swirls and the daisy-like fondant flower.

A "ladybug hiding in the grass" tower topper was made using a 6" round layer and one half of the Wilton Sports Ball Pan Set. I covered the half sports ball "ladybug" portion in red fondant first and placed it on the iced 6" round cake layer before wrapping it in green fondant "grass."

The tower was assembled at the party. I used a white Styrofoam cupcake tower wrapped in red & white ribbon. I also used some shaped wire and black fondant spheres to make the ladybug's antennae.

The cupcakes fit perfectly on the bottom two layers.

 I left just in time for the kids to get all sugared up and run around the gym.
[I guess I had more to say about this than I originally thought...]

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