The Princess and the Cake

Before I started taking cake decorating classes I thought it'd be a good idea to make a tiered cake for a princess birthday party... I'm glad I did because I learned a ton! I had grand fairytale ideas of sugar gems and fancy piping crowned with an intricate royal icing tiara, but here's what I learned:

-An oven thermometer is a bakers best friend.

-Royal icing only hardens when made with grease free utensils.

-Melting down jolly ranchers is a messy messy venture.

-Sifting powdered sugar really is necessary.

-Sketching cake designs is fun and beneficial...

I created a beautiful Sleeping-Beauty-inspired tiara template which didn't end up working out due to runny royal icing.

I'm proud of my attempt despite the tacky plastic princess costume piece.

The biggest feat was getting it down the super steep roller coaster driveway, but it was all worthwhile to see the birthday princess smile :)


  1. So pretty! Beautiful Job!!! Love it! and the expression on her face .. looks like she did as well! :)

  2. aww the look on her face makes it all worth it i bet! :)