Super Mario (Michellio) Birthday

My co-workers and I decided to have a video game themed birthday party at our office for a fellow co-worker's 30th birthday. We like to poke fun at her for being a gamer although no one is excused from being teased at our office. She had liked some Super Mario Bros. cupcakes she had seen on flickr so I took the idea and made a special cake for her milestone occasion.
After researching some ideas, I found a cake design I liked made by sncakes on www.cakecentral.com - which really is as addictive as the site claims it to be. I thought the idea was super cute and cleverly used a lot of the classic Nintendo game elements. I rendered it with my own version of Mario on top.

The Mario character on top was initially a concern but it made me take my first plunge into making figures out of fondant!
I used Wilton's rolled fondant primary colors multi-pack to make the figure and the cake decorations. I didn't use a gumpaste mixture which is probably recommended when making sturdy figures - therefore the fondant was soft and my little gal kept getting more and more squashed as I put her together. I'm still proud of the way she came out for my first try!

Everyone got to enjoy this vanilla fun-fetti tiered cake at work (except me - I was out on jury duty - bummer). I used an 8" round cake base layer and a 6" cake for the second layer. The warp pipe was made out of rice cereal treats, wrapped in fondant and all the other accents were fondant as well.

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