Oreo Truffle Football Cupcakes

Ever since I was first introduced to Oreo truffle balls this past Christmas [yes, I've gone all my life missing out on this delicious treat]... I've been looking for an excuse to make them.

Then Super Bowl Sunday came.
Truffle balls... Footballs... yes please!

The truffle ball recipe is super simple. The hardest part is not eating the entire package of Oreos before you get started! Well... that, and shaping the truffle mixture into mini footballs before coating them in chocolate.
I was all excited that I finally had a reason to use the grass icing tip. I bought one. I lost it. Here's my substitute.
Oreo truffle football cupcakes = sugar death!
Fair warning.
Oreo Truffle Balls
package Oreo sandwich cookies (16 ounce)
package Cream Cheese (8 ounce)
packages semi-sweet chocolate chips (16 ounce total) - melted

Step 1
Crush cookies in a food processor. Place cookie crumbs and cream cheese in a mixing bowl and mix until well blended.

Step 2
Roll cookie mixture into uniform size balls (I used a cookie scoop) or shape into footballs by pinching the edges. Dip each into melted chocolate and place on a waxed paper-covered baking sheet.

Step 3
Refrigerate 1 hour or until firm. 

I used a chocolate melting pot by Wilton to melt the semi-sweet chips.
If you don’t have a melting pot, microwave chocolate on HIGH for 2 ½ minutes – stirring every 30 seconds – until melted.
A fork (or two) and/or a skewer works best to dip the chocolate and transfer it to the waxed paper – tap lightly to get rid off excess chocolate.
Refrigerate truffles before dipping in chocolate to help them hold their shape.
You can crush the cookies in a disposable bag using a rolling pin.
You can store leftover chocolate at room temperature to use later.


  1. OMG, these are adorable. What a fun idea.

  2. Ok I have to ask, only cause im making my son a football cake for his birthday this weekend, do you think this would work on a full size football?? im already scared lol. I just roll the truffle mixture into the shape of a football and coat with chocolate? and what did you use for your lacings on the football?

  3. Hey Brittni!
    I think it would probably work to make one large cake! It'll be very rich tasting for sure... maybe it'd be easier to carve a regular cake? Up to you...
    If you shape the truffle mixture into a football, it'd probably be easier to ice in it buttercream than cover it in chocolate.
    I used a store bought cookie icing in a tube to make the lacings.