Haddad Branded Birthday Cake

I shared the edible Air Jordan sneaker I made in my previous post that was part of larger, highly-detailed cake.

Well here's the rest of it piece by piece.

Nike 6.0 fondant surfboard.

Chocolate Häagen-Dazs ice cream container [not-so-sorry to say... chocolate ice cream was indeed harmed in the making of this feature] formed from rice cereal treats, fondant, and food coloring.

Itty bitty Levi's fondant  back pockets with a signature red tab... including a mini Blackberry smart phone.

Now also remember that my list included the fondant Levi's Jeans and the Nike shoebox-shaped cake... along with my co-worker's Sheet cake warehouse, cereal treat Starbucks cup, fondant Mets cap, cereal treat iPad aaaaand the birthday banner!

We brought the elements of the master cake to work in pieces figuring it would be easier to assemble together than to try and transport the whole cake in one piece.

Only problem was that there was no available space to actually do the assembling. We literally assembled the cake while it was on a rolling mail cart!

Well here it is... the Branded Masterpiece!

Everything was completely edible [except the cotton "smoke" from the coffee cup, the metal part of the jeans hanger & the dowels holding up the birthday banner].

Look at the amazing warehouse details! My co-worker did an amazing job creating the brick work, signage and even the garage doors!

It came together really well and everyone in my office couldn't believe we made it. I overheard someone asking if we ordered it from the Cake Boss!! Ha!

Here's our president, Jack, and his beautiful family. I'm definitely glad his wife was there - she volunteered to cut the cake! Whew!

The end.

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  1. you are amazing. the end.