Bunny Cake Tradition

Every year, my mom and I make a "bunny cake" for our Easter celebration. It's a very simple project made from two 8" single layer round cakes. One would stay whole to be the bunny's face and one would get sliced to make 2 ears and a bow-tie.
Once arranged into a bunny-like shape we'd ice it with some vanilla frosting straight out of a can and start the real fun - decorating. I didn't have any cake decorating knowledge under my belt, just a bag of coconut, food coloring, piping gel, some Easter candies and a creative mind.

This lil' guy is from 2007

I don't know exactly when this "tradition" started or how my mom even knew how to make this cake but we've been doing it every year as far as I can remember.

This "Easter basket cake" was something else my mom taught me to make. It was made for my co-workers in 2007. I look at it now and cringe.
Pink Funfetti frosting??? Pastel M&Ms?? Yikes!
Ugh, even the sides of the cake by the (ribbon-wrapped cardboard) handles are crumbling... but I won't be too hard on myself because at that time I didn't know what I was doing.
I may try to revisit this "design" this Easter instead of the bunny cake.
We'll see what mom says...

Last year we used an aluminum foil bunny-shaped disposable pan (probably from Reynolds) instead of our traditional method. Yes, you'll find that our traditions are not set in stone and tend to vary every year to suit our needs. The important thing is that the objective is the same - to spend time with my mom and make something special together.

Anyway, we decorated it's cute lil' bunny face with Whoppers Robin Eggs, Sweet Tarts Jelly Beans, Twizzlers pull-n-peel and old-fashioned Good 'N Plenty candies.

I'll try to dig up some old bunny cake photos... stay tuned for the 2010 edition!

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