Final Lap for Groom

You can usually predict my next move by what I claim I will never do. For instance, I swore I would never ever ever ever over my dead body wear bell bottoms... until one day I bought a rainbow polyester pair with purple daisies on them to wear with an orange short sleeve mock neck velour shirt. What did I think I was in the 70s?? Okay, I admit I should've stuck to my promise about that trend but afterall bell bottoms did catch on for awhile. 

I also swore I would never join a sorority. That was until I fell in love with legally Blonde and joined Tri-Sigma first semester my sophomore year in college. Unlike the bell bottoms, I don't regret that decision. I also vowed I would never start a blog... yet here I am typing away about stuff no one cares about. I know the internet is flooded with tons of people writing about every topic under the sun (and some not of this earth) but I admit it feels good to jot down my thoughts and share my experiences in baking with someone, even if no one is reading them. 

Now let's see if my not wanting to get married and have kids holds true! 
Marriage may or may not be for me but that doesn't mean I won't cater to those who are getting married. One of my sorority sisters was getting married and asked me to help her by making a groom's cake for the rehearsal dinner. She requested a red velvet Super Mario Kart themed cake after seeing the Super Mario Bros. cake I made for a coworker.

The cake tiers are double layer 8" and 12" rounds covered in cream cheese icing and fondant. Mario and the "final lap" cloud are made from gumpaste.

 My figure making skills are coming along nicely. It must be all those days of my childhood spent making a mess with Play-Doh that helped out!

I have to say that although red velvet cake is really yummy, it is a pain to clean up after! Everything in my kitchen, dining room and living room were stained red! Ok, well not everything but it seemed that way. My sink looked like it witnessed a massacre after rinsing all my baking utensils in it.
My best advice is to cover all your baking surfaces with a disposable tablecloth and use vinyl gloves when working with this red-dyed cake.


  1. this is adorable! and like you i also thought the same.. "millions of blogs of the same topic.. no ones bound to read mine" but regardless of the other blogs out there.. this one's yours, with YOUR personality all over it, with YOU Opinion and no one else.. and i love it! so keep writing and keep posting 'cus im reading lol

    xox love this cake!!!

    I'm planning a babyshower for my cousin.. lets talk! shoot me an email margiebrito7@yahoo.com

    if she doesnt have a cake person yet ill def tell her to get in contact with u!

  2. that's why there's the saying "never say never" and good job on the super mario cakes...it's because you are super sbb!