Marriage of Chips, Dip & Chocolate

I was throwing my coworker a surprise pot-luck-style bridal shower at our office and wanted to make something really cute but was running out of time, all the planning and keeping secrets was wearing me down. I needed a quick idea so I rummaged through my cake supplies and saw the custom cake mixes that my roommate bought from Cake Chalet for my birthday. The Potato Chips & Dip Batter Booster caught my eye. I knew my coworkers would be intrigued. 

The Batter Booster description:
"Sweet and creamy with a dash of salt, a touch of vinegar malt"

The Cake Chalet Batter Booster is sooo simple, I just mixed in the booster 'pack' with my usual cake mix and added an additional 1/4 cup of fluid. Done and done. I decided to make cupcakes from this mix since they'd be easiest to serve at a pot-luck lunch. The website even gives suggested frosting flavors. Chocolate wasn't listed as an idea but I immediately thought that chocolate buttercream would balance out the salty chip batter.

Okay well that's a start... I got something flavorful and easy, but what about making it cute?

I stopped at the local cake supply store and BINGO! found this awesomely sweet cupcake set by Meri Meri. Thank goodness!
Bridal Shower Cupcake Set by Meri Meri
I was really impressed with the quality of the Bride and Groom cupcake toppers. They seem like they're made from a light weight foam-core board and have cute little details like the bride's ribbon "veil." Perfect for this occasion.

They're ready to walk down the chocolate buttercream aisle. Ugh, too cheesy??

Chocolate buttercream swirls and edible pearls with the cupcake toppers finished these treats wonderfully.

As far as taste, the chocolate icing was a little overwhelming but the salty undertone was just enough to add some interest.

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  1. Cute cakes.