Fall Floral Engagement Minis

I made these mini cupcake cuties last fall while I was still taking cake decorating classes. I had just learned how to make the chrysanthemum flower with decorator icing but had not yet mastered the art of buttercream consistencies. The icing I made was too stiff and I was too stubborn to add a little more water and remix it... so I suffered from a few days of hand cramps. Go figure.

The cupcakes were for a friend's fall-themed engagement party. I don't remember how many I made but it felt like hundreds!

I gave up on the mums and did some drop flowers to save my poor aching pastry-bag-hand.

They almost look too pretty too eat... I say 'almost' because a few people were eating them as I was displaying them.
Um... please don't do that.

I also made about 8 dozen of these '24-carrot' cake engagement ring mini cupcakes.

Bite-size beauties.

I can't believe a year passed already and the wedding is about to happen for this couple next weekend!

Click Here to see the South Beach style bridal shower cake I did this summer for the bride... and stay tuned for wedding dessert details!

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  1. Wow -- these look amazing. And DELICIOUS!!!