Ghosts of Halloweens Past

In preparing for my favorite holiday (who am I kidding? they're all my favorites), I took a look back in my photo archive and found these glorious attempts at conjuring up some spooky, fun treats.

Oh goodness! This did indeed give me nightmares... not because it's horrifically spooky, but because I threw a hissy fit attempting to create cereal treats! I made a cocoa crispy treat graveyard and fruity pebble crispy treat ghost pops. I swore off crispy treats after this experience.

These eyeball cupcakes came out pretty cute thanks to Wilton's Wacky Witch Silly-Feet Silicone Baking Cups and Ready-To-Use Icing Tubes. The idea came from Wilton's website too... but don't look for it because their picture makes mine look bad! ha!

I impressed myself with these cookies! I found these Spooky Cutters in my cabinet and had been dyyying to use them so I made a bag of sugar cookie mix and tinted half the dough with cocoa powder to cut out the bats, ghosts, skulls and 'eek's. Not gonna lie... I picked the ones I thought would be easiest to decorate. I re-cut them when they came out of the oven, while the dough was still soft, to give them sharper looking edges and then outlined them with Wilton's Ready-To-Use Icing Tubes after they had cooled.

A co-worker gave me the Wilton Halloween Candy Kit so I made these cute chocolate coated pretzels to give out at our office. I used Wilton's Candy Melts, of course! The witch fingers are my favorite- plus they were easy to make.

Being a Wilton fanatic paid off! I won a Halloween contest on their facebook page and they sent me a box of goodies, including this Skull Mini Cakelet Pan. I made the skulls out of Devil's Food Cake, fittingly, and covered them in black chocolate ganache. I initially tried to make dark chocolate ganache but I ruined my first batch (as always) and luckily had some black candy melts on hand. The faces were piped on with melted white chocolate.

Hmmm... What will I make this year?

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  1. I loved your chocolate skull mini cakes...such yummy melt-in-your-mouth goodness! :)