International Cupcake Delivery

When you're getting married in the Dominican Republic and you're a graphic artist, you want to handle all the details yourself. That's exactly what my close friend did for her wedding in tropical paradise. Everyone was dressed to the nines (more like dressed for the 99 degree weather), and her attention to detail was a 10.

My friend was so grateful that over 100 of her closest friends and family RSVP'd to her international nuptials that she decided to come up with a surprise for those also celebrating a special time during their trip. She asked what I thought about making cupcakes for a few celebrating a birthday during her wedding week abroad. Impossible? Nah. Challenging? You bet.

She made special custom designed gift tags for each birthday guest and provided me with ribbons, orange tropical royal icing flowers, gold luster dust and gold dragees.
I made the unique cupcake wrappers with my Cricut cutting machine.

All I had to do was make the cupcakes and bring them on an international flight to decorate at the resort, box them up and deliver them to the reception. Well, let's just say... easier said than done. The cupcakes were almost unrecognizable when we arrived. Panic. Breathe. Put the cupcakes back together.

Luckily I had the pretty decorative cupcake wrappers and icing to cover up the crumbly mess that remained.

Tah Dah! Magic!

If I didn't tell you how traumatic they looked before being decorated, you would've had no idea. I think they look as if I had baked them at the resort.

Here's a shot of them on the table at the reception with the table numbers (which the bride also made herself).

Now the wedding cake is another story. I was put in charge of overseeing the wedding cake and by "overseeing" I mean decorating... I had only one direction to follow:
Make sure the cake was not sitting on a paper doily.
It was. I removed. Check.

The cake was bare. It was a traditional Dominican cake covered in some sort of ganache-like icing. That's all. The bride had given some ribbon to the wedding coordinator which my boyfriend and another of our friends helped me put on the cake's tiers before the ceremony.

We needed flowers and the florist wasn't there yet. Panic yet again. Breathe. Go to ceremony while baker transported the cake to the reception. Breathe.

The ceremony was incredible. Rain earlier in the day caused some extreme humidity but the sky was clear and we were ready to celebrate... as were all the on-lookers at the beach in their swimsuits.

While the wedding ceremony guests were attending the cocktail hour, two friends and I ran to the reception hall to add flowers to the cake. We arranged the flowers and greenery on the cake and were able to grab a drink with everyone else in no time. Thank goodness for creative friends!

I think the cake looked stunning in it's tropical setting at the open-air reception.

My friend and her husband seemed to enjoy it as well.

The cake was delicious, too bad I can't take credit for the taste!

Congratulations! Thank you for including me in all the special events leading up to your magical day. Best wishes, my friend.


  1. Wow! Total craziness and you pulled it off fabulously! Everything looks beautiful! :)

  2. Wow, Krystal!!! Everything looks amazing. Excellent save on the cupcakes -- they're stunning!!!

  3. That is quite an impressive feat!!! Good friggen' job; everything looks beautiful!

  4. The cake looks lovely, you did a gret job. I love the tropical feel.


  5. one of my dreams in life is to own a cupcake shop :) I'm your new follower- come visit me...


    xoxo Summer