Denim Bottom Toppers

Mixing both of my worlds
= equals =
edible fashions?

I was asked to make some denim pocket cupcake toppers for a client meeting at my office.

To mimic a natural looking denim color, I blended some black and royal fondant together making sure to leave it a little marbled. I happened to accidentally stumble upon the perfect textured cutting board which brought this faux textile to life. After rolling the fondant to 1/8", I used a paper template and a sharp knife to cut the pocket shapes.

Luckily I had a tracing wheel in my sewing box which made the signature stitch marks a breeze.

Turns out that the clients weren't even allowed to eat them... at least they were fun to look at.


  1. You are incredible! At first I thought, she's taking the blog in a new direction and gone to sewing, but this is why God gave us eyes to read. Ha ha! Really awesome job!

  2. even though this reminds me of work...they came out awesome!