Chocolate Snowman Dress Up

One of my favorite activities to get in the holiday spirit is attending local Christmas craft fairs. I usually don't buy much but am always looking out for a vintage jewelry score or some sort of unique craft. I have to say that in recent years the search has proved to be fruitless... there's only so many clothespin reindeer one can handle!

At one particular church fair there's a room of donated items that are usually more amusing than useful but always super cheap. I came across this interesting snowman chocolate mold for 25 cents. It was actually a set of 4 of the same molds. I tried to only buy one for 25 cents but the guy made me take all four.

They're snowman boxes! They're pretty big and use up quite a bit of chocolate which made me glad I took all four molds because each box took a while to set.

I used Wilton candy melts in White and Colorburst Brights.

But guess what... the adorableness doesn't end there. Look at what's inside!
Each box contains chocolate dress-up pieces. Chocolate snowman hat, scarf, mittens, and boots! Too cute.

I wrapped these up in cellophane baggies as a sweet surprise for a special few.

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