Mini Christmas Cakelets

As usual, the holiday calls for a spectacular bake-off at my office.

I wanted to use some super cute mini cake pans - or cakelets, as I like to call them - so I bought a mini snowman shaped pan from Wilton [I had my heart set on mini gingerbread men but they didn't have any of those left.] I used a German Chocolate cake mix which I thought I could doctor up to make it taste like gingerbread by adding ground cloves, cinnamon and ground ginger... but of course I couldn't find the ground ginger in my cabinet. It ended up just tasting like a spice cake, which happens to still be yummy.
I covered them in white chocolate ganache and decorated them with some store-bought cookie icing and some miscellaneous holiday candies...
Luckily my friend surprised me with a mini gingerbread man pan from Williams Sonoma and I was able to make little gingerbread cakelets after all! I didn't have time to buy chocolate for more ganache so I used some green candy melts that I already had - which I thought was a festive choice... until they turned out looking like little martian men. Oops.
I left some of the cakelets uncovered.
I brought my cakelets to work to add to the holiday spread...
My coworkers never disappoint! Red velvet cookies, Magic layer bars, Pecan bars, Rainbow cookies, Ginger spice drops, Chocolate Cupcakes, Peppermint Bark... this isn't even all of it!
My little green men...
Mr. & Mrs. Snowman
How freakin' cute are these reindeer & sleigh cupcake holders from my fellow decorator/co-worker?
Hope you had an awesomely sweet Holiday Season!

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