Frog Lover Cupcake Toppers

I made these shippable fondant cupcake toppers at the request of a client's husband. He wanted to surprise his wife with something sweet for her birthday and requested a frog theme stating that "she collects anything frog related." I can relate... I am the same way with owls. Is it a coincidence that her birthday is the day before mine? Maybe collecting animal trinkets is a Gemini trait...

Pardon the picture quality- I'm going to be working on taking better photos. I usually take a few cell phone shots as I'm making things and then I sometimes forget to take better photos when I'm through. Plus, there's next to zero natural light in my apartment. Dragging cakes out to the park isn't very practical and photographing them on the fire escape sounds like a disastrous idea so we'll have to deal with the low quality images for now...

Cute, happy frog hopper toppers with gold dragees. Shipped with love.

Hippity Hoppity Birthday!

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