50th Birthday Celebration Cake

Holy Cannoli! This is the cake that warranted the cannoli filling experimentation I wrote about here. I'm sad to admit that I was not happy with the taste of my concoction and had dumped too much money on ingredients to test it further. I was running out of time so I broke down and bought cannoli filling from Ferarra's. I know, I know - uninspiring... yet quite delicious!

I was making a stacked square cake to mimic something that was supposed to look like a bunch of presents. Chocolate fondant wrapped presents. Who said chocolate should be inside the wrapped box?

I read somewhere about hanging bow loops to dry over flower formers... so that's what I did.

I dusted everything with some antique gold luster dust and assembled the bow for the top of the gift stack.

Turned out that I didn't like the pinkish color of the luster dust so I bought a couple cans of Chef Duff's edible gold spray paint and covered everything in that as well. I used Chocolate Satin Ice Fondant for the top and bottom tiers and piped chocolate icing swirls on the middle tier covered in traditional rolled fondant.

Somehow I didn't measure accurately... I didn't want the boxes to hang over the edges like this. Oh well. I guess they look more like real presents this way?

The polka dots and ribbons were fun to make. The icing swirls proved to be a bit difficult... I need more practice icing a design on a vertical surface!

The Chocolate Fondant was fantastic to work with. It's texture was so smooth and stretchy that it made covering these square cakes a breeze. The only downside was how delicious it smelled... kinda just like a tootsie roll! I had to keep myself from eating the scraps!

I'd like to master the cannoli filling and make some more of this for myself!

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