Manolo Birthday Blahnik Cake

This inspiration for this cake from the Sex and the City movie. For those who love the main character, Carrie, the shoe should be recognizable as the Manolo Blahnik Something Blue Satin Pump that Mr. Big uses to propose instead of a ring. The actual shoe supposedly retails for $945 -- my cake version's a real bargain!

The order came from a friend of a former co-worker [I love referrals!] who asked for a Manolo shoe box cake. She didn't even care if I made a shoe to go with it! Since I had already tackled the edible sneaker, I figured I was ready for the edible high-heeled shoe challenge.

After much research about how to make a proper fondant shoe, I decided to wing it and just see what I could do. I'm pretty happy with my first go-around!

Here's the shoe drying on a Styrofoam block behind the Red Velvet shoe box cake. I shaped the box to make it look slightly opened and formed the roses from fondant [using the Wilton method].

 I used an edible marker to mark the Manolo Blahnik label on top of the shoe box.

Once the shoe dried, I added silver dragĂ©es to mimic the crystal broach detail on the real shoe.

 The birthday "price tag" and the inside shoe label were written with edible marker on rolled fondant.

 Of course I have to be critical... but I would change the shape of the heel next time around.

If you can't afford to wear the real thing... eat it! Ha!


  1. You outdid yourself! This cake is beautiful!

  2. That must have been very difficult.. this is such an awesome cake. Love this blog, I will be visiting again!

  3. This is sooo awesome, Krystal!

  4. BEE U TEE FULLLL!!!!....do you have a template?....