Rainbow Cupcake Toppers

I promised my friend I would make her something dolphin related for her birthday... I didn't. Sorry. Next year? I can't promise you though - since you already figured out that that's one thing I'm not so good at.

On the up side, I did make her cupcake toppers at another friend's request. Rainbow and butterfly cupcake toppers to be exact. Admittedly my first reaction was that rainbows and butterflies were for five year olds. I should've known better... there's a story behind the theme. Let's just say that the birthday girl is the sweetest girl I know and acts all "rainbows and butterflies" even if she isn't feeling her best.

The rainbow portion of this cupcake topper took forever. And by "forever", I mean I assembled these on the couch while watching "Easy A" and an episode of Buffy or two. Maybe I should invest in an extruder?

I used some white royal icing to attach the rainbows to the cupcake topper base.

To cover up the seams, I made some cloud puffs and then attached pink shimmery butterflies.

Cupcake topper complete.

My roomie baked the funfetti cupcakes!

How could you not be in a sunny mood with these?
Maybe rainbows and butterflies in our tummeh's will make the world a better place? Let's test it out! Yum!


  1. These are adorable! Love the bright rainbow and the little clouds...the butterfly just tops it all off perfectly!

  2. I'm OBSESSED I need to visit NY and pick some of these cute things up!! You are so talented!

  3. These are fantastic! And very sweet of you to make for your friend.

  4. These are beautiful. Are they made from fondant? I have been trying to do something similar for my daughter but I can't get mine so smooth. Do you ship any of your creations?? clden@noscience.net