Easy Patriotic Swirls

Although I love the holidays, they always approach much too fast and I'm usually left unprepared while the holidays fly by. Why does this seem to happen even more as I get older? I think there's actually a scientific reasoning behind it. Anyone know?

I was born on Flag Day [June 14th - since no one knows the date. Ever.] and am very biased towards everything and anything red, white, and blue. [Okay... maybe not this.] I wanted to whip up something super cool for my parent's Fourth of July party but ended up with somewhat lame cookies. The idea was to make patriotic pinwheel cookies using ropes of red, white, and blue sugar cookie dough... what I ended up with was cotton candy colored blobs.
I used a prepared package of sugar cookie mix and divided the dough into three parts. I left one section plain, dyed one 'red', and the last 'blue.' Then I created ropes of each color, twisted them together, and rolled them into a spiral.

Oh well. They were bite size. They were yummy.

Plus, less time on cookies = more time choosing which shades to wear.
Yeah. I wore them all.

1 comment:

  1. yes, the holiday madness sets in earlier all the time doesn't it.

    your cookies are darling. kudos my dear!