Mario Kart Race Across the Country

Ever since I started making Super Mario cupcakes, toppers, and cakes [here, here, here, here, and here], they have quickly become my most sought after themed items. It's amazing to think that not only has Mario held his appeal since his arcade debut in 1983 [that's as long as I've been alive!!] but has even managed to gain popularity across all generations to this day!

With all his success, the Mario franchise has no end in sight... there's a seventh version of Mario Kart releasing later this year. Mario Kart 7! Not too shabby for the 19 year old series.

Lucky for me, my success also continues to grow as more and more orders for Mario are requested. This time around, a long distance client asked for a shipment of 5 dozen Mario Kart themed cupcake toppers. No big deal, right? Well picture a late summer New York heat wave... now picture my poor fondant babies traveling in a box 3,352 miles away to Alaska[!]. I was beyond nervous. Even my dad thought there was no way they would make it.

To my knowledge, they survived. Here they are before their frightening cross country trip.
I can't help imagining them driving for days in a Super Mario Kart race to Alaska.

The Mario Kart characters include:
Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Banana, Blooper, Bullet Bill, Fire Flower, Green Shell, Mushroom, Star, Thunder Cloud, Checkered Flag

I [with the help from my lovely mom and dad] securely packaged each fondant cupcake topper by placing them in a folded piece of parchment paper, laying them on top of a small square of cardboard, wrapping them individually in bubble wrap and sealing them with tape. I layered them in a small box so they didn't have a lot of wiggle room and placed that box in a bigger box filled with miscellaneous stuffing to avoid any dents, smashing or blunt trauma.

I would not be hesitant to ship more toppers but I think, in order to save everyone some stress, I should take the weather and climate into consideration.

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  1. these are amazing, such awesome detail, LOVE! Its pretty impressive that they made it to Alaska!