Animal Farm Birthday

This was one of those cakes that started off well, declined quickly, and then finished strong...

I started with some cute fondant farm animals for a little boy's 2nd birthday. A cow, a piggie, and a sheep... or is it a lamb? My roommate named them but I forgot what she called them. Feel free to give them your own.

 The day was really humid and I was trying to work on another cake at the same time so covering this cake in fondant was a nightmare. I almost cried. I sent a picture to my boyfriend claiming it looked like a 2 year old made the cake. The cake was supposed to be for a 2 year old, not made by one! He had faith in me. Luckily all the decorations covered most the flaws. Those barn doors did wonders!

The cow was happy with his new home.
A sheep head peeking through the fence to visit piggie.
Another piggie visiting the sheep and a duckie floating above.

Everything turned out alright at Peter's farm after all.

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  1. Everything about this cake is so adorable and cute. I think you did an amazing job.