Baby's 1st Birthday Zoo

I'm glad I didn't pack in my apron after the flaming hot rod failure because I wouldn't have accomplished this! My most favorite cake yet - a colorful 3 tier Zoo for Brendan's 1st Birthday!

My sorority sister's baby was turning one and she threw him the cutest zoo animal birthday party complete with handmade Cricut accents that I was able to match the cake to.
I topped the cake with some bright flying stars, a whimsical number 1 and a cute, friendly alligator sitting on a bed of red fondant - the birthday boy's favorite color.

Also hanging out at lil' B's birthday is a smiley monkey.

This plump lil' hippo looks so pleasant.

My poor giraffe snapped in half in the commute. Luckily I was able to mend his neck upon arrival.

 The fluffy lion looks like he could never hurt a thing.

Last but not least, my favorite zoo animal... the zebra.

The cake matched the party accessories perfectly!! I just have to share some of the party details... These party hats were all hand made with colorful paper, pom poms, and ribbon. Amazing!

Let's just say she spent a lot of time with the Cricut cutting out these itsy-bitsy details. What a perfect accent to dress up the utensils!

There were even matching zoo cookies representing monkeys, zebras, and lions! I love the mixture of fondant and icing on these favors... I'll have to try that some time!

The birthday banner and center pieces on the outside tables were also adorable. Everything came together perfectly thanks to the master planner with an adorable baby boy who made the whole day worth while.

Happy Birthday Brendan!!


  1. This cake is just so colourful and fun, one can't help but smile when they see it. Your colour matching with all the party accessories was perfect. Amazing job on this cake :)

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  3. Where did you find those animal images to use? I love this idea for my son's first birthday!!!

  4. This cake is absolutely adorable! You did a fantastic job! Wish I was closer so that I could have one made for my sons 1st birthday next month!