Bucky Beaver Birthday

Some days I can't help but think I'm straddling the line between being well stocked and becoming a hoarder. I like to buy cute things. Things I very well may never need. Like this Animal Crackers Pan from Wilton.

I just needed to have it when I first started baking. I guess I thought it would come in handy [and, of course, I like bears]. It did come in handy when I surprised a friend at work with a piggy cake so I dug it out from under my pile of pans when I decided to surprise another friend at work... this time with a different animal. 
A Beaver. Yup, I said it, Beaver.

This is what it looks like when it comes out of the oven.

I cut off the cracked part to level it and flipped it over. Look! It's a bear... for now.

Delicious chocolate cake covered in chocolate icing and then covered in rich dark chocolate Satin Ice fondant.

Time to turn this bear into a beaver. I looked up some cartoon beavers and came up with this wide-eyed, bucky-toothed beaver pal.

Voila! Bear turned beaver.
I actually have another animal in mind for this pan [again, not a bear]. I'm going to try and work it into a Valentine's Day theme.


  1. Being Canadian and the beaver being our national animal, I think your cake is adorable...even if I wasn't Canadian I'd still think it was an adorable cake because it really is!

  2. ha! Great cake! :)
    I think I have a great idea for this cake pan too!!! Someone I know has a bday on groundhog day...I've done a cupcake- but this cake pan would just make it a fantastic cake!!! :)
    I totally understand the border line hoarding prob. with all the cake supplies out there...I need to better organize!