Chart Topping KISS Toppers

I had previously made a KISS cake with cupcakes locally but this time the band took to the road and visited Texas for a kick-butt "50th Black & White Birthday Bash."

Cutting the black fondant in such intricate details proved to be very time consuming the first time around for various reasons but especially since it needs to rolled really thin and usually becomes too dry to handle by the time I've made all the cut lines. This time I picked up some Sugar Sheets from Wilton to try. The Sugar Sheets come with a whole system of punches to make cake decorating easy but they also work perfect for this type of cake craft. I used a craft knife to cut the shapes from the edible sheets which shaved off a lot of time spent rolling out and reshaping the faces. After cutting the faces from the black sheets, I applied them to white fondant discs with a little brush of water and then added some fondant accents and silver luster dust.

I couldn't make a cake to ship along but I did make a rockin' fondant cake topper.

Shipping off edible lovelies is always a little stressful but I was glad to hear they arrived fine and they were a big hit at the party!

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