Revved Up Nascar Cake

I don't know a thing about racing so I was a little at a loss when my roommate asked me to make a Nascar cake for her mother's birthday. I had grand ideas of making a shaped track with little cars and stands full of people [okay - colorful dots representing people]... then work got in the way. It seems to be doing that a lot lately. Regardless, I managed to make a suitable cake. If anything, it must have been delicious - chocolate cake slathered with chocolate icing and blanketed in dark chocolate Satin Ice Fondant. Yum.
I mimicked the colorful Nascar logo by piecing together strips of fondant.

The waving flags were colored in with black food color markers.

Although it's not as impressive as I had envisioned, I hope this cake qualifies for the big race... [lame, I know].


  1. It was incredibly delicious!! Thanks :)

  2. This cake gets the winners flag from me!

  3. ME TOO!!!...AWESOME JOB!....dont be to hard on yourself :o)