Pint O'Guinness Cake

The following birthday cake was a joint effort between my roommate and I. She baked many delicious chocolate Guinness cakes and whipped up batches of irresistible Bailey's icing while I figured out how to assemble it all into a stellar pint of Guinness.

I started on a sturdy piece of white foam-core board, stacking two 6" round cakes and securing them with skewers.

I cut a circle from cardboard, covered it with foil and sat it atop the first 2 cake layers to add support for the remaining layers. I stuck a large dowel through the entire center of the cake (into the foam-core board as well) and shimmied on the next 6" layer.

After adding the last 3 layers, I used a serrated knife to start carving a pint glass shape.
Note: I put pieces of parchment paper around the base of the cake for easy clean-up.

I should have printed a photo of a pint glass or used and actual glass to get a more realistic figure but tapering the base seemed to create an acceptable shape. I lightly slathered on some icing - since this wasn't a stable buttercream I didn't want to lay it on too thick for fear of the fondant sliding off.

I opted to wrap the "pint glass" with dark chocolate fondant rather than try and cover this tall of a cake the traditional way. You'll notice my sloppy seam in the back... shhhh... don't look!

I used the same wrap-method with white fondant to mimic the frothy stout. I got a little overzealous and gave too much head... to this pint of Guinness. [Actually... the real reason is that I ran out of dark chocolate fondant and I needed to make up the rest of the space.]

The top of the pint was left fondant-free, instead topped with a thick layer of creamy icing. I added a smiley face for good measure as my roommate and I have done to the birthday boy's beer many a late night at the local watering holes. I used fondant cutters to create the birthday message and the Cricut machine to cut the "Guinness" lettering.

Tah-dah! The perfect pint... almost!

We transported the cake to a bar via a very cautious cab ride and I'm still traumatized by all the hands that touched the "finger-licking-good" icing while we patiently waited for the rest of the party to arrive. Let's just say the head did not hold it's structural integrity for very long.


  1. Chocolate Guiness cakes ate delicious. I love that you made these cakes into one tall fabulous pint go Guiness! Great teamwork to put this together!

  2. Sorry, that should have said *are* delicious and *of* Guiness. Please feel free to correct and delete this comment :)

  3. Did you use store bought dark chocolate fondant or did you make your own? I am wondering if the dark chocolate fondant tastes any better than the white?