Glazed Skull Spice Cakes

I had used this Wilton mini skull cakelet pan before here but I couldn't help using it again, they just bake up so nicely. This time I used a spice cake mix to create the skull cakes. The features show up really well when you coat the pan with a non-stick spray like Wilton's Bake Easy.

I didn't want to ice them in buttercream and then cover them in fondant or make a batch of dreaded ganache so I came upon the idea of making a simple sugar glaze. Boring, right? I decided to spice up "boring" by adding some Tyler's Sweet Revenge cinnamon pear butter I had bought at a pumpkin festival in Connecticut to the powdered sugar and water mixture. The texture was interesting. A little lumpy. I little bubbly. Just the right amount of creepy.

I poured on the sweet glaze concoction until the skull cakelets were as evenly coated as possible but thin enough for the face to show through.

These creepy quickie skulls ended up sweet, delicious and easy to share. [also just a tad bit sticky]

I even saved a few to add to brunch with my parents.

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