Hot Rod Flames Cake

I almost consider this hot rod cake a total bust. It actually made me rethink this whole cake baking thing I've got going on.

I borrowed my co-worker's brand new airbrush to get this black & white flame effect. I had to create a hand drawn flame pattern and set up a airbrush over spray catcher in my living room. The airbrush experience was actually quite fun. The customer feedback was the not so fun part...

I filled the cake with chocolate pudding as requested but because of the crazy heat it must have spoiled and tasted funny to the point that the birthday boy felt sick. I was heartbroken. That's the last thing I would ever want to happen to someone expecting to enjoy my creation. Lesson learned. I'll stick to my non-dairy buttercream as fillings.

On the positive side, I think the airbrush effect looked great. I even hand painted the silver flame outline on the cake. The cupcakes turned out nice as well... and they didn't make anyone sick! Bonus! They were topped with fondant 5-spoke rim, white wall hod rod tires.

I decided to come away with the experience of making this type of cake and to move onward in my journey... after all if it at first you don't succeed...


  1. I love your work!....I just added you to my blog...you are so inspiring to me. My son loves cars so I just might do this for his birthday....Happy Baking!

    1. Aw thanks so much! The hot rod cupcake toppers would make him super happy I'm sure!