Christmas Treat Round-Up

A small holiday round-up of treats I found in my "Misc Christmastime" folder.

Cupcakes for work decorated quickly with a reindeer cupcake wrapper and toothpick cupcake topper set I found at the dollar store. Also topped with another dollar store gem - cute printed plastic cupcake picks.

More of the same vanilla cupcakes utilizing a snowflake wrapper/topper kit and some edible snowflake wafers I found at Michael's Craft Store.

A clever coworker made a delicious rice cereal treat wreath.

My new favorite Christmas cookie: Fig Crescents. They were super labor intensive for me but the deliciousness overrides the amount of work that went into making them.

Easy gingersnaps made from a gingerbread cookie bagged mix. [The white stuff on the edges is powdered sugar, I sprinkled it all over but the cookie absorbed it.]

Peanut Butter Rolo Cups made in a mini cupcake tin. I undercooked the cookies so they were a huge pain to get out of the pan but they still rocked every one's taste buds.

Soft Italian Pignoli Cookies made from doctoring a Pillsbury sugar cookie mix with almond paste. I have to have these every year.

My family always has an overflowing cookie platter that accompanies our Christmas Eve dessert table.

I assembled some Martha Stewart cookie boxes to give out to friends and family.

That concludes my 2011 Christmas recap.
Be Merry!

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