Mini Tier 25th Birthday Cake

This is one of those projects I'm hesitant to share because I didn't really like the outcome.

The task was to make a mini tiered cake for a friend of a friend's 25th birthday. The request seemed simple enough – something super glittery with stars and using red, yellow (or gold? I can't remember), and black. I don't know why I made it so difficult.

The first mistake I made was stacking the two little tiers together instead of covering them with fondant separately.

Luckily the cake was small enough (I think a 6" and a 4" round double layer cake) so it wasn't completely disastrous, but I did get a bunch of wrinkles at the bottom.

The second mistake was trying to "glue" black fondant letters to sugar-glitter-coated yellow stars. I used too much water and the black bled everywhere.

The last mistake was trying to get the edible glitter to stick to the cake after steaming it to add shine. It ended up quite globby.

I'm not proud of this mini cake but maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself…  it ended up coming out [barely] cute, just not up to my own personal standard of work. Plus, I did learn a lot from all those little errors and Hannah looks super frickin' adorable at her birthday dinner!

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