Cake Chalet

If you haven't heard of Cake Chalet, you need to hurry up and check it out - they offer unique Cake-in-a-Bag mixes in 93 cake flavors! My roommate heard about it on a food blog and ordered these cool custom cake mixes for my birthday.

I got three Cake & Frosting Mixes and one Batter Booster.
The custom mixes are:
Bloody Mary Cake with Party Punch Icing.
Avocado Spice Cake with Lemon Lime Icing.
Spumoni Cake and Spumoni Icing.
Potato Chip & Dip Batter Booster.

The Cake-in-a-Bag mixes are made to order and require only two ingredients to whip up. The Batter Boosters can be simply added to your favorite store-bought cake mixes to spice up the flavor.

I decided to try making the Bloody Mary cake mix for my bake sale.
Let's just say, this is the easiest cake mix ever! All you need is 2 cups each of milk and heavy whipping cream to add to the cake mix. Despite having to run to the store to get the milk and heavy whipping cream, these were mixed up and oven ready in a few minutes. I was a little heavy handed pouring the batter into the baking liners so I ended up with just a few less than 2 dozen cupcakes.

The Party Punch icing was prepared just as easy with 2 more cups of heavy whipping cream. The icing consistency was a little soupy and not good for piping swirls on top of the cupcakes so I had to get creative... I had seen some tiramisu cupcakes with the tops cut off and the icing in between so that's what I did. I used a serrated knife to cut the tops off and star cutter to make a shape in it to let the icing show through.

The cupcake flavor is definitely very original and got rave reviews. The Bloody Mary cake had a little spicy kick to it and the Party Punch reminded everyone of something tasty from their childhood - kind of like the Screwballs ice cream cones with the gumball on the bottom. Remember those? Do they still make them?

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  1. ooh I'll have to check them out! The avocado spice with lemon lime icing sounds yummy!