Great American Bake Sale

I saw some TV commercials for an organization called Share Our Strength which is fighting to end childhood hunger in America by promoting an event called the Great American Bake Sale (GABS). I knew I could do something with my baking skills to help out.

Many of my co-workers bake for so many occasions and holidays so I began wondering if I could hold an office bake sale to help raise awareness and also raise funds to donate to this campaign. The Share Our Strength website has tons of useful information about how and where to host a successful bake sale. I went ahead and got approval from the president of my company who suggested I start to plan a date with our marketing coordinator. We picked Thursday June 24th and I registered the date with the GABS neighborhood - which is a great place to pick up tips and tools like check lists and printable flyers. Since the bake sale would be during work hours we decided it would be best to have a "no host" sale and put up a collection jar for donations.

The Share Our Strength statistics show that $200 can help buy grocery bags of healthy foods for 50 families in need therefore I set a goal of $200. I didn't really know what to expect or how many people would volunteer to bake. I spread the word of the sale and created some simple decorations and before I knew it, the sale date arrived and we had two tables full of treats!

Share Our Strength sent me some balloons and banners with an initial $10 donation.

I made Bloody Mary cupcakes with Fruit Punch icing from the Cake Chalet assortment of mixes my roommate bought for my birthday. I used Wilton cupcake liners and flags to match the Americana theme.

I also made white chocolate covered pretzel rods. The table included Cherry Vanilla Surprise Cupcakes from Carolyn, Orange Almond Cupcakes by Christine, Chocolate Pecan Cookies from Patricia, Fudgey Brownies by Ashley and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies from Kristen.

Hillary made these cute "Red Tab" brownies to match her Levi's.

Muriel made monstrous-sized Whoopie Pies and Christina made Red Velvet Cupcakes.

Here's Qunita's famous Strawberry Cake along with Banana Pudding.

Lauren made Chocolate Brownies and Lindsay's mom made the world's most delicious cookie trays!

Yay! Here's me :)
I'm very proud to say I surpassed my goal of $200 by raising $388!!

Click here for ways to get involved.

(special thanks go out to the staff at Hallmark for inflating my balloons at a discount)

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