Bieber Bangs of Seduction

First off... Beiber? Beaver? Bieber?
However he spells his name, another little girl has fallen prey to the Justin Bieber phenomenon that has been labeled "Bieber Fever." It's got to be the hair... I mean really, it's unreal! When I was asked to do a Justin Bieber birthday cake, all I could literally think of was his bangs... so I did just that!

While doing a little research for the best Bieber-bangs photos, I realized his hair looks exactly the same in each photo. Creepy! I decided on one of the images and scaled it up to almost actual size, or at least big enough to fit on an 8" round cake. I printed it and cut it out to use as a template. I then traced his hair onto tan-tinted rolled fondant with an exacto knife on my Cricut Cake mat. Using a toothpick, I scored hair texture on the fondant "bangs" and added a little more dimension by painting it with brown food coloring mixed with vanilla extract.

Voila! Bieber Bangs...
Who could resist??

After the fondant hair piece dried, I placed it on top of a double chocolate chunk 8" round cake covered in Satin Ice fondant.

I thought about giving him eyes at least but it's much funnier with just the hair since it's so iconic anyway. I added a girly touch with the lavender fondant flower border and by using the Cricut Cake machine to cut the "Happy Birthday baby" message in honor of Justin's hit single "Baby."

The birthday girl had had a bad day and thought she was getting a Bozo the clown cake... she was pleasantly surprised when her Bieber cake arrived! She's such a cutie! Glad I could make her birthday turn around and put a big smile on her face.

Now who has the Bieber Fever??

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  1. LMAO.. I saw the image of this cake while doing a google search and laughed out loud at the fact that it looked like the cake was wearing a toupee. When I clicked on the link and saw it is Beiber (sp) hair, I had to congratulate you!! It's great!! .. I'm still laughing though!