Super Specialty Mario Cupcakes

You would think I knew more about video games by the amount of Super Mario treats I've created already... I don't. I have to google images of the games characters and I have no idea what the difference is between Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Galaxy. I do know that Super Mario Kart involves driving, but that's about all. The last gaming system I had (until recently when I got the Ninento Wii) was the original Nintendo NES System back in the early 80s. Ask me to make a Bubble Bobble cake and I'll be all over it!

I made these Super Mario fondant cupcake toppers for my co-worker's adorable son Charlie for his birthday.

"Itsa Mario & Luigi!"
I think I had a crush on Luigi when I was younger.

Dark Chocolate Fudge cupcakes topped with a substantial amount of vanilla buttercream and the fondant Super Mario toppers.

Turtle Shell, Super Red Mushroom, Goomba, Mario, Super Starman, Luigi, 1-Up Green Mushroom, Bob-omb (<- had to look that up for 10 minutes), Fire Flower, Boo, Venus Firetrap/Piranha Plant and Yoshi.

Yum yum yum... baked in foil cupcake liners.

Here's Mario at the party with all his friends.

Charlie is an avid collector of Mario novelties.

The birthday boy is a young man of few words but I was told he exclaimed "MAMMA MIA" loud and clear. I'm so happy I was able to create something special just for him! What an amazing smile!
(BTW Charlie- your mom is a pretty cool chick, in case you didn't already know!)

A little cutie after my own heart... I would have chosen Yoshi too! He's my fave!

I just discovered mariowiki.com - the Super Mario encyclopedia!! A little late, I know, but at least now I'm all set to tackle the next Mario project!


  1. oh yummilicious! i use to play this on a gameboy hahah

  2. wow these are amazing! you're becoming a mario expert! ;)