Lazy Daisy Birthday Cake

Oh my! This cake was almost [almost] a caketastrophe!
I took on too many projects the week I was supposed to make this birthday cake for a very special woman. I had a grand plan of what I wanted it to look like but unfortunately ran out of time to execute it and ended up panicking.
I only had time to stack and ice the cake before bringing it on a Friday night rush-hour train from NYC to CT. The subway ride from home to work alone knocked the cake a little off kilter... then add a shaky 2 hour train ride to top it off! Yikes! Not pretty.
Lucky my mom was a lifesaver by making a quick trip with me to Party City to pick up some fondant and daisy cutters. After much stress I came up with another design and was able to turn this cake into something presentable.

(My mom tried to take me out to dinner before I got started and we had to leave the restaurant before they took our order because I was so nervous I couldn't think about eating!)

It's a two layer chocolate cake, iced in vanilla buttercream and topped with fondant. I used Wilton daisy cutters to make some fondant blossoms.

Did I mention that this cake then had to make it another hour and a half trip in the blazing July heat??  I actually had to arrange a to take a different vehicle because the one I was supposed to ride in didn't have air conditioning!

I should've put an odometer on this birthday cake! It would've been interesting to see just how far I travelled with this fella.

None the less, the cake arrived safely and everyone loved it. There was even enough left to bring a piece home to my mom as a reward for being so awesome!


  1. had you not explain the caketastrophe i wouldnt have even noticed... this cake looks perfect!

    seriously ... you should have a show! the CakeBaby lol idk

  2. good save! no one would ever even notice! :)