Disney 1st Birthday Tower

Nothing marks a special day quite like a party... and nothing makes a party quite like a cake.
A cake can make any occasion tastefully sweet, especially birthdays... even more so if it's a very first birthday.

 I received a special request for a lovely little girl who was celebrating her big day with a Disney celebration. Her family wanted a cupcake stand with a fake cake topper - a first for me. What they didn't want was the typical half-circle cake with Mickey ears so they challenged me to design something different that still captured the magic of Disney.

Here's the illustration I came up with for the styrofoam cake topper.
What's more magical than fireworks at the Disney castle? Even if you've never taken a trip there, you know you've seen those commercials ...

And here's my almost edible rendition. (I need to work on my flower scale a bit)

Along with the faux cake is 40 absolutely edible
Disney-themed cupcakes. Cuz nothing kills a party like a fake cake...

Some tiaras to represent the princesses...

I couldn't forgo the famous ears altogether...

Like Disney Parks new campaign states:
"Let the Memories Begin"

Happy Birthday Aaliyah!


  1. Impressive as always! This cupcake/cake tier is any young girl's dream party surprise! Really nice work.

  2. OMG -- what a lucky little girl. She must've gone absolutely bonkers when she saw this!!! Boy, did you put my 7th birthday's barbie-doll-in-a-cake-dress to shame!!!