Hello Cookie

My co-worker's birthday fell on the day we had the Halloween Bake-Off and she specifically asked for me to make her a Hello Kitty cupcake. Well... between the giant sugar cookie pumpkins and the fondant denim pocket cupcake toppers, I didn't have time to make a batch of cupcakes.

I didn't want to disappoint, so I used my noggin and made use of the sugar cookie dough from the pumpkins to make Hello Kitty birthday cookies.

Problem - no Hello Kitty shaped cookie cutter.
Solution - hand-cut cookie shape using paper template printed from my computer.

Since I had to hand cut them, I only made two.
I also used the paper template to attempt making a royal icing transfer on parchment paper. I figured I'd waste too much time trying to freehand onto the cookies... good idea, right? Umm, well, it seems that I didn't leave the icing enough time to dry so when I tried to remove the royal icing from the parchment paper in the morning, I lost the middle of Hello Kitty's face. Oops.

Remember my last post? I'll say it again... Royal icing and I are not friends.

Here she is pre-trauma.
Pretty cute, except I don't know what's going on with the runny icing in her armpits.

I was able to save her face (the one on the left) and used some extra icing to glue her to the cookie.

Happy Birthday to my lil' HK lover!

Maybe if I make royal icing everyday, I'll learn to love it?

Nah, I doubt that.

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  1. so cute! I just saw this now (finally caught up with my blogs -- yay!!!