Fancy Shandelle Cupcake Tower

Feeling Fancy?
Birthday girl Shandelle is! When it comes to being fancy, she can teach me a thing or two any day. A Fancy Nancy themed cupcake tower was required for her fabulous soiree. I didn't want to disappoint so I sent these sketches to her mother to make sure my design was fanciful enough.

The party was decked out in Fancy Nancy's trademark fabulous style and my cupcake tower was a huge success.

Fancy Nancy cupcake tower for a glamorous young lady.

The cake topper is an 8" round double layer vanilla cake covered in fondant. I wrapped the fondant tiara around a soda bottle covered in parchment paper to dry and assembled it at the party.

The rest of the tower was made up of 40 delectable (fancy for yummy) cupcakes with fondant tiaras, purses, butterflies, flowers and the birthday girl's initials.

Chocolate & Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and edible fondant decorations.

Happy 4th Birthday to Fancy Shandelle!


  1. omg i want a princess lil diva tower like this for my 25th birthday! ill be contacting you in july! SERIOUSLY! :)

  2. That is a cute idea!
    I want a tower of cup cakes for my B-day :D

  3. One day I must eat your fondant!!! Incredible as always!