Masquerade Madness

I've been dawdling with writing this post for over 2 months. Dawdling? What an odd word. I think words like 'dawdle' are the reason why I have a hard time writing a blog. Don't be fooled by the date on this post... it may say March 18th [which is when I started it] but today is definitely June 1st. 

I was asked to make something masquerade-themed for a surprise 40th birthday party. The party was at a loft in Manhattan so I went with a cupcake tower adapted from Small Things Iced thinking that it would be easy[ish] to transport. I still had issues... will discuss later.

I hand cut these masks from fondant using a paper template I created.
After hand-cutting a bazillion of those masks [I say a bazillion because it was 2 months ago and I just can't remember how many] I wised up and bought a push mold for these beauties. I used pink fondant and brushed them with luster dust.
I painted the white masks with layer upon layer [upon layer] of gold dust, placed them on top of aqua colored fondant discs and hand painted unique pink designs onto every single mask.
The cupcake tower topper was a Styrofoam cake foam covered in fondant.
The mask broke in half just outside the venue... my heart sunk but it was too fragile to fix. It was supposed to stand upright on top of the faux cake but I was forced to lay it down.
Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla cupcakes in foil wrappers with vanilla buttercream icing.
Left over cupcakes on the table after the stand was disassembled.
I kept finding cupcake topper remains throughout the evening.
Whew! That wasn't so bad was it?
Yes, yes it was. My computer crashed and I had to rewrite half the post...


  1. You did an amazing (and painstakingly) decorating job for this event. Your masks are lovely as are your molds and the cake and cupcakes. I can't imagine anyone leaving a mask behind...I would have taken it for a souvenier

  2. These look amazing, Krystal!

  3. Yum. Those look almost too beautiful to eat, but I bet they were delicious! Yay for blogging. PS: Post the Haddad cake!!! Every time I show the pic to my friends they are floored.