Sweet Baby Shower Cookies

I follow of ton of cookie blogs and have recently become more and more obsessed with the art of cookie decorating. It's been beneficial to me though because I've learned a lot of royal icing tips and tricks from all those talented cookie artists... like using a spray bottle of water to get royal icing to the right flooding consistency and keeping plenty of toothpicks on hand to pop air bubbles and scrape off any mistakes.

One of my favorite cookie blogs is The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle - SweetSugarBelle [Callye] is so innovative with her cookie designs [she can use a dog bone cutter to make practically anything] and very generous with her cookie knowledge and loves to create tutorials [and has no shame in sharing her mishaps along the way]. I find her work extremely inspiring... so much so that I basically stole her baby face cookie designs for a friend's baby shower cookie favors.

Well, Callye's baby faces are sweet and perfect and adorable... and my version of them are just... meh.
Okay... okay... mine came out cute [if you don't look at hers - which are here - so please don't look!] I can't be too hard on myself since this is the first time I've completed an order of cookie favors and not only that, I had to make 60 of them. So Yay! Good job me!  
In addition to the baby faces, I made bears, feet, carriages, duckies, and onesies.
I packaged them in individual bags and tied them off with blue curling ribbon.
Next time I'd like to make cute printable header-cards to take place of the curling ribbon... my fingers will thank me!


  1. You did a great job on these cookies and your baby faces are very cute. I really like your little baby carriages. Simple but very sweet.