Rockin' KISS Cake

I was particularly excited when I got a request to make a cake for a KISS band enthusiast. My brother grew up listening to this American hard rock band in the 70s [and beyond] but I didn't have much hard rock interest growing up [as I was an 80s baby] and didn't get to know their music very well, I just knew them by their make-up personalities and on-stage antics.

I researched the original band members and found their comic book style characters that influenced their make-up and costumes on Wikipedia: The Demon [Gene Simmons], The Starchild [Paul Stanley], The Spaceman [Ace Frehley], and The Catman [Peter Criss].

I used their make-up designs to create paper templates for which I used to cut the fondant cupcake toppers.

I made white fondant cupcake topper bases and cut the make-up details from black fondant [very carefully] with a craft knife. I used some colored fondant for accents like Gene Simmons' famous tongue and used silver luster dust to highlight The Spaceman's eyes.

I cut a few more faces to go on top of the cake along with a larger Kiss logo and the sign of the horns as a way of sending a "You Rock!" birthday message.

I wanted to add some badass flames to the side of the cake so the bf suggested that I marble the red, orange and yellow colors together to give them an authentic look... so that's what I did and I think it worked out pretty badass indeed.


  1. Gene would be very impressed!

  2. I was watching Castle last night and Gene made a guest appearance!! Strange coincidence...

  3. These are fantastic! Brilliant work, I love every single topper but the tongues are awesome. x

  4. Love the flames running up the sides!!!

  5. Phenomenal work! We're three generations of KISS fans and I haven't seen such a professional job ever!! Well done!

  6. how did you do the hand on the cake. what did you outline it with?

    1. I cute the hand from copper/skin tone tinted fondant and laid it on a solid piece of black fondant. I drew it out first on paper to get the right shape.

  7. Can someone reply to me how much it costs to have the cake and the cupcake thing done?