Super Mario Cupcake Toppers

I've already lost track of how many Super Mario requests I've gotten but these were a little different in that they were shipped to Massachusetts.

I did some research of how other bloggers send cookies and meshed their tips together to come up with what was easiest for me.
I made parchment paper envelopes for each fondant topper and then wrapped each envelope in bubble wrap secured with tape. I piled the toppers in a small box and placed that small box in a larger box, using bubble wrap and plastic bags to cushion around all sides. Then I brought the box to FedEx and prayed they survived the trip across state lines.
I heard that they did! Whew!


  1. Oh wow!!! These are really great! I

  2. I need Mario cupcake toppers and I live on Long Island...how fast can you do?

  3. Hi Jennifer, I need at least two weeks notice for an order. Please e-mail me as it is hard for me to monitor comments daily.

  4. I would love to purchase a few dozen of these from you for a party on July 30th. Would you be able to ship to Alaska?